Volt Mowing

Low Noise, Zero Emissions

Setting a new standard in lawn & garden services: low noise, minimal disturbance. Truly quiet equipment powered by the latest technology. Reliable & friendly service, fully insured for your peace of mind. 

Traditional lawnmowing & gardening services - minus the smell and noise.

In addition to mowing and lawn edging, some of our other services include:

  • Pruning
  • Hedging
  • Yard clean-up
  • Rubbish removal
  • Garden mulching
  • Garden weeding & ongoing weed control 

Pebbles & Stones

Do you have paths or garden areas that feature pebbles or river stones? Have you forgotten what they look like because they're covered with leaves? We can help! Our equipment will remove all leaf matter and other small debris, leaving behind a clean area that looks just like new.

Low Noise Specialist

We use 100% electric equipment, this means you can expect very low noise levels and minimal disturbance. An ideal choice for shift workers, apartment complexes, offices and business places, nursing homes... basically anywhere noise and disturbance is undesirable. If you're tired of contractors using noisy equipment then Volt Mowing is the solution!

Fully Insured

Don't expose yourself to risks by using an uninsured contractor. There's no way around it - the nature of lawn mowing means that one of the most common risks are stones or other small objects being flicked up and breaking house or vehicle windows. Much less common but more serious instances may cause personal injury. If this happens while you're using an uninsured contractor you will be left out of pocket. In the worst case you could be liable for expensive medical treatment if a pedestrian or neighbour is injured. 

We take the utmost care to avoid such accidents, but if they happen you need not worry about it - we will handle it. Choose Volt Mowing and rest easy knowing that you're fully covered.

Reliable & Efficient

Industrious, thorough and reliable... don't you wish all mowing contractors could be described like that? The fact is that there are many who throw a mower & line trimmer in the back of a ute or trailer and start mowing lawns to supplement a government benefit (pension, dole etc.) or other existing income. In addition to the risks of using an uninsured contractor, many of these give it up just as quickly and may only complete the job a few times, or not at all!

Rest assured that Volt Mowing is much more than just a couple of pieces of equipment in the back of a ute! After an extensive research and thorough setup period we equipped ourselves with the best in electric lawn & garden equipment, boasting the latest technology imported directly from the U.S.A. Believe us when we say this is much more than just a passing fad, we're in it for the long run! Learn more about the benefits of choosing electric.

Cost Effective

Choosing an environmentally friendly lawn & garden contractor does't have to cost the earth. We don't have to pay franchise fees, we don't need to buy petrol and our equipment doesn't have any engines to service! This means our running costs are much, much lower than anyone who is using petrol equipment. We pass on the savings to our customers in the form of competitive pricing!

Complete Satisfaction

We aim for complete customer satisfaction whether you have a one-off job - for example mowing or an entire yard clean-up prior to rental inspection, or require regular service tailored to your requirements. Where others may opt-out of small or 'out of the ordinary' type jobs, we go the extra mile. There's no need to put up with a contractor who refuses to accommodate your requests, contact Volt Mowing today!


Volt Mowing

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